FYP Fever
The Final Year Project, or FYP, is a mega project that caps three or four years of undergraduate study at NTU. Students can choose to take on a solo or group project. HEY! looks at its many forms and guises
By Mabel Lee
"Think positive, know and value yourself, and manage stress effectively – these were some of the tips that we handed out. Most of the students were a great sport – they came up with unique poses to match the tips."
Zombie Invasion

No, this isn’t an act of “planking”, where people lie face down for photographs. It’s a show of the students’ commitment to getting enough rest. The campus zombie invasion was part of the first alternate reality game in Singapore and Asia – Operation CZAR, or Corporate Zombie Active Resistance. Unlike traditional show-and-tell campaigns, it blended fictional online elements with real-life events to give undergraduates tips on how to survive the university-to-work transition.

Eldon Ooi, Hendric Tay, Poh Wee Koon and Walter Sim
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

Table Magic

Soon, you may be able to check your e-mail with a tap on the table. AugmenTable uses an overhead projector and a depth-sensing camera to convert any tabletop into an interactive work space. It is smart enough to detect objects and recognise your hand gestures. Sharing your favourite holiday photos with Dad could be as simple as swiping the photos from your phone to his. Unlike other similar research projects, AugmenTable can be carried around and used on any tabletop surface.

"I was inspired by computer interfaces in sci-fi movies such as Iron Man, Star Trek and Minority Report. It is interesting to see how to approximate them in reality, if possible at all, with current technology."

Goh Chong Yang
School of Electrical & Electronic engineering
(Information Engineering & Media)

Eye Can See Your Future

Well, maybe not... but this “fortune teller” will help you see the importance of eye health. To spread the word about At First Sight, designed as a non-profit, youth-oriented campaign on contact lens care, team member Kiki dressed up as a gypsy and offered free “tarot-reading services” at three universities. The 22 “tarot cards” used were customised with eye care and contact lens care tips.

Karyn Tay, Kiki Zheng and Sim Yi Wen
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

I'm Happiee and I Know It

Smile Maker Happiee is an adorable mood indicator designed to make its user happy. Feeling sad? Touch an “organ” on its LED “stomach” and it will show a motivational quote or suggest a fun activity to cheer you up.

Pammy Chia
School of Art, Design & Media
(Product Design)

Lab-our of Love

It was their biggest experiment yet. For months, three Biology students led the lives of Communication students by dabbling with video-making programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Keynote and Final Cut Pro. With zero experience in filming, the students recorded three instructional videos based on the Microbiology “safety manual”, which helps students better understand and carry out scientific experiments.

"While most of our peers spent their time inside the lab performing experiments, we spent hours in the office editing and creating animations for our videos. The only time we visited the lab was during the recording of the experiment demonstrations!"

Ng Xiu Li, Sharmin Taj and Vincent Tan
School of Biological Sciences

Cool Solution

Now you can have ice-cold cola even if it is left for nine hours in the sun. Just bring along this 3kg AA battery-operated fridge on your next picnic, and let it chill your refreshments on the go. Hardly your usual fridge, it runs on thermoelectric modules, making it eco-friendlier and quieter than most home fridges. NTU’s engineering students will improve on the prototype to include features such as rechargeable batteries. If this compact cooler becomes a real product, it will take the heat off you.

Ng Chun Kiat
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

"In Penang, we stayed two nights at Straits Heritage, a boutique hotel that uses old shophouses as ‘rooms’. The creaky wooden stairs and eerie rocking horse in the backyard made the experience truly memorable."
The Great Hotel Hunt

Twenty-one hotels, three places, one project. A team of Tourism students strapped on their backpacks and scoured Singapore, Malacca and Penang for boutique hotels. They studied the hotels’ vernacular architecture and cultural preservation, and even interviewed famed hoteliers such as Loh Lik Peng from Singapore’s New Majestic Hotel and Christopher Ong from Penang’s Muntri Mew. What better way to combine work and a vacation!

Benjamin Kwek, Geraldine Liew and Jonathan Ong
Nanyang Business School
(Tourism & Hospitality Management)