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Join Google?
Well, the short answer is: Why not! And there is a Singaporean who has done it. Tan Chade-Meng graduated from NTU in 1995 and, five years later, got a prized job in Google – the first Singaporean to do so. Want to follow in Chade-Meng's footsteps? First, join us on a mental discovery of yourself
•Tan Chade-Meng (see side story)
• Adrian Chye (General Manager and partner at 3D-animation studio Mediafreaks Pte Ltd)
• Charanjit Singh (one of the developers of Creately, which was named one of Asia's 10 best applications in a SingTel competition)

Who you are You speak multiple languages (read: C, C++, Java and Python) and you have a love for writing (read: Javascript and HTML). You wait with bated breath for the next release of Windows, Android and Linux. You dream of becoming the next millionaire by writing a killer app that allows you to retire before 30. Your idea of fame is to have your name on the leaderboard of Angry Birds and a crisis to you is when your Internet connection lags or your WIFI is lost.

Which school fits you? The Google man's school, of course. The School of Computer Engineering, where reality bytes. Powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure – such as the impressive Immersive Virtual Reality Display, a 2.66m-high, 150-degree cylindrical screen – the school is dedicated to grooming forward-thinking leaders who can solve problems in our connected world.

The skills you'll acquire here are valued by employers: more than 60 per cent of the school's graduating students get two or more job offers. And you'll find yourself hot property in a range of industries, from IT services and telecommunications to software development, financial services, education and manufacturing.

Hesitate no more. This is IT.

Tan Chade-Meng:

First Singaporean Hired by Google

Fact: NTU has produced a graduate who is researching world peace.

Shortly after earning his honours degree in Computer Engineering in 1995, Tan Chade-Meng passed a demanding qualification test to become the first Singaporean to join a certain American Internet start-up in 2000.

Twelve years have passed since he was hired by Google as an engineer. Today, he is a celebrity in his own right, and with a most unusual job title – Jolly Good Fellow (Which nobody can deny).

Known for his humorous wisecracks, Chade-Meng landed this position when he mused aloud that there wasn’t a Jolly Good Fellow in Google (there is a Google Fellow, the highest rank for an engineer there).

The nickname stuck and this Jolly Good Fellow has since become a tourist attraction at Google’s headquarters, posing for photos with big names like Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Chade-Meng is also one of the founding patrons of The Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, where compassion is studied scientifically.

He has been giving generously to NTU since 2007 and recently established the Tan-Teo Scholarship, in honour of his parents and in-laws, with an endowed gift of S$250,000 to the university. The scholarship, worth S$10,000, is awarded annually to two NTU students.