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Hi Bro, I am Smash
There is a robot in NTU that is as tall as a human and can walk up and down stairs. He was brought to this world by a professor and his students. Be part of the team to find a brother for NASH. First, let's plan a name for him. We have a suggestion: SMASH. Join us on exciting journeys like this...
• Philip Lim Feng (CEO of Exploit Technologies, A*STAR)
• Bennett Neo (Regional Director, Singapore Cluster and Cambodia, Asia Pacific Breweries)
• Anand Somasundram (Deputy General Manager, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific)

Transform! You've always loved cars, airplanes and Transformers toys. You still fantasise about having your own robot to do your bidding. You've got machines all figured out (well, usually) and you understand that automation, mechanisation and miniaturisation are the future, whether for mobility, production lines, or even for recreation and learning.

You are full of innovative ideas and there is no such thing as perfection to you. Instead, there is always something bigger (or smaller) and bolder, to outshine all others.

Like a sculptor, You have the ability to visualise 3D objects from 2D drawings. Making these plans come alive gives you a real high.

Explore the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, the birthplace of Singapore's tallest smart robot, home to the world's first flexible endoscope with small robotic fingers, and where innovative ideas turn into reality. Here, aspiring engineers will get to experience designing, building and maintaining modern aircraft, automobiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. If you need inspiration, step into the school's aircraft hangar. There's a fighter jet, along with helicopters, a flight simulator and even a real Rolls-Royce jet engine. You can also get inspiration at the Robotics Research Centre and Innovation Lab, inhabited by robotic fish and turtles and solar cars.


Smart and Helpful

"Hi, I'm NASH, short for NTU Advanced Smart Humanoid. You may have read about me or seen me in the local and foreign news. I was born at the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. My 'father', Assoc Prof Xie Ming, designed and built me with the help of his students. Apart from being taller than the average Singaporean male at 1.8 metres, I'm perfectly capable of remembering my routes in school. I can walk up and down stairs, and in time to come, hold a conversation with you. Know what I'd really like to do? Help people! Perhaps I can start by helping you mail your application form to NTU..."