HEY! We’re Glad to Hear from You
What NTU students and alumni are saying about NTU’s newest magazine
HEY!, NTU's magazine for youths and young adults, was launched on 1 November 2011.
Wow! It’s ultra-cool…

– Aruchamy Parthiban, Engineering

A fresh concept. It updates us on matters that concern the student population.

– Alvin Wu, Science

Cool, funky, catchy! Appeals to young readers. Great publication.

– Jeffrey Huang, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Awesome… innovative… reader-friendly… eye-catching and smashing! :D:D:D

– Ng Jie Qi, Business

It would be good if there are more promotions and fun features such as food reviews.

– Shi Yi Chen, Engineering

I mistook HEY! for a lifestyle magazine. I like how the 'Let’s Talk' profiles give alumni the chance to recall their days at NTU and how it changed their outlook on life.

– Tan Chor Chia, Business (Class of 2002)

So much more refreshing and a fantastic effort to connect... I love HEY!’s approach and the great paradigm shift it took to achieve it. Keep it up!

– Alumnus Adrian Quek, Director (Corporate Sales & Marketing), SAFRA

The inaugural issue is great! I particularly liked the profile of Prof Bertil Andersson – it’s full of advice.

– Grace Chew, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

I really enjoyed reading HEY!. It’s the first magazine from NTU that I flipped from the first to the last page. I even got my husband to read it. Well done! Looking forward to the next issue.

– Teh Hsiaowei, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (Class of 2004)

A great way to showcase NTU’s talents and achievements. It’s heartening that the features reflect our globalised world and its rapid pace. The profiles of successful alumni give students a boost in confidence and determination. Inspiring stories motivate us to never give up. I’m looking forward to the next issue!

– Du Yinwei, National Institute of Education

It’s a big step forward and I hope HEY! will continue to surprise us!

– Sheng Haifang, Engineering (Class of 2002)