NTU Style
Who say shorts are sloppy? Given the tropical weather, it makes sense to breeze around campus in them. Here, participants of the Nail That Unique Style (NTU Style) contest, organised by The Nanyang Chronicle, show you how to put a new twist on these campus staples - shorts and bermudas
By Tan Mike Tze

Emir Nurov, Engineering

Venessa Chua, Engineering

Eugene Chua, Business

Gerald Tan, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Sulastri Kamis, Science

“Some guys like to wear running shorts to class, but this can be a little too casual. Besides, it’s usually better to wear something a bit longer because it can get cold in the lecture theatres.”

- Emir Nurov

Other stylish students

Marcus Chee, Engineering

Billy Cho, Science

Ong Shi Yun, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Lee Xin Hui, Business

Ivey Su, Engineering