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Poles Apart
One is known for its secrecy; the other for its easy-come-easy-go nature. Two groups of students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information experienced the hermit nature of North Korea and the warmth of Spain last year. They put their creative skills to the test as marketers and roving reporters respectively, returning with fresh knowledge of their field and an appreciation for life in vastly different cultures. Both trips were funded by the Wee Kim Wee Legacy Fund
By Siddiqua Ovais
Photos: North Korea: Elizabeth Law and Wong Kang Wei; Spain: Nur Aini Binte Malik Fadjiar, Poh Wee Koon, Agnessa Chan and Abadines Valerie Kristin Laraya
“With numerous talented athletes, performers and artists among them, North Korean children have achieved so much more than you or me. I stand in awe of the malleability and potential of the human spirit.” – Edwin Loh “We were not allowed to go onto the streets on our own unless we had asked for permission from our minders.” –Lim Yi Han “Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung are always in the hearts and minds of most people.” – Annabelle Liang
“Kim Il-Sung has been dead for over 17 years, yet I saw women crying after paying their respects to him at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace and it was quite mind-blowing.” – Lim Yi Han
“North Koreans living in the capital city have no lack. They have food, some amount of electricity, and other creature comforts that Singaporeans can identify with.” – Danson Cheong “The people here are very proud of their Catalonian heritage.” – Ginger Chia “I love the extremely beautiful architecture of the buildings and monuments, especially Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church that is still under construction after 100 years.” – Agnessa Chan “Through print ads and social media platforms, we formulated an entire campaign challenging the audience to think about whether they are up for the experiences that Catalonia can offer. It’s about going off the beaten track and getting away from the run-of-the-mill experiences offered by group tours.” – Agnessa Chan