Build your REPutation

NTU students on the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) will get to spend a year in London or San Francisco

By Mabel Lee
Build your REPutation Build your REPutation Build your REPutation Build your REPutation

It's a top pick, whichever path they choose.

From July next year, NTU students on Singapore's top engineering programme, the Renaissance Engineering Programme, will get a choice to study a full year at Imperial College London or University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), both located in two of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.

Those who choose to spend their one year of overseas studies at Imperial – REP's second programme partner – will also take on internships at top companies in Europe.

"Imperial College London, like UC Berkeley, is well-reputed for its strengths in engineering," says REP Director Prof Teoh Swee Hin. "Imperial's connectedness to Europe, and the presence of key industry players such as Rolls-Royce and IBM in London, will also benefit students when they embark on their overseas internships."

Third-year students from the inaugural batch of REP students are currently living and learning in UC Berkeley, reading highly popular courses on a lush campus overlooking the San Francisco Bay. At the end of two semesters, the students will do internships in Silicon Valley, famed for its fertile start-up environment.

NTU Provost Prof Freddy Boey says that in an increasingly connected world, students need to be able to think on their feet and work with people from different cultures, nationalities and disciplines. Cross-cultural exchange is one way of developing these vital skills.

"We believe in training our brightest minds to be leaders and engineers of the highest calibre, well-equipped with both technical knowledge and practical know-how that will enable them to lead interdisciplinary teams to solve complex real-world problems."

He adds: "Imperial, which is also the key partner for NTU's medical school, has an excellent curriculum and a vast network of alumni worldwide. Having them partner us on the REP will certainly bring about a new dimension to our students' learning while giving them the global exposure they need."

The Renaissance Engineering Programme is unique in that it offers top students a dual degree – a Bachelor of Engineering Science and a Master of Science in Technology Management – in just four and a half years.

The rigorous programme aims to produce well-rounded engineering graduates with deep specialist knowledge as well as a broad base of expertise from business management to the liberal arts.

Victoria Zhao is among the first-year REP freshmen with some exciting choices to make.

"This is great news!" she says. "Both Imperial and Berkeley are world-class universities with unique cultural climates and deep strengths in the engineering field. I now have more options to pick a learning environment that will best meet the needs of my engineering specialisation later on in my studies."