5 things you can do as an NTU student at...

Set your sights on becoming a heart surgeon or a business analyst? A chemical engineer or a sports journalist? A drug researcher or a digital animator? No matter where your interest lies, there's plenty to look forward to as an undergraduate at NTU. HEY! gives a sneak preview

By Mabel Lee, Chrystal Chan, Christopher Ong, Siddiqua Ovais and Victoria Chang
Student Pan Zhengxiang, a savvy app creator, has even got Andy Lau's attention
School of Computer Engineering
1. Master the ins and outs of IT
This is the place to equip yourself with specialist skills in software, hardware, system integration and interfaces, and keep in touch with technology trends to understand their application in the industry. Build and programme a robot, design the next massive multiplayer online game like World of Warcraft, or learn how to stay ahead of hackers by understanding IT security and its role in computer networks.

2. Become a future millionaire or a technology pioneer
The school's illustrious graduates include Marcus Cheng, whose IT company ACCLIVIS reaped $15 million in its first year of operation; and Wang De Rong, the only Singaporean to be recruited from the Asia-Pacific region to work at Microsoft's main campus in the United States. Don't forget Google pioneer and Jolly Good Fellow Tan Chade-Meng – award-winning engineer and New York Times best-selling author. He is the first Singaporean to be hired by the technology giant.

3. Make a mark here and abroad
Be inspired by enterprising seniors like Pan Zhengxiang, who invented more than six technological innovations when he was a final-year student. Amongst them is the Eco iPledge, a free mobile application that uses augmented reality to rally residents to make digital pledges to keep Singapore clean. The app is Asia's first community-based augmented reality app to promote environmental friendliness, and was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last year. Follow in Zhengxiang's footsteps – his industrious streak and solid training at the school also saw him become the first Singaporean and Asian to be selected as Senior Vice President, Publicity and Outreach Specialised Agency of Google's Executive Board at Harvard University's National Model United Nations.

Tan Chade-Meng with Obama
4. Work at some of the "happiest companies" in the world
Get your foot in the door by interning at big-league companies like Google and Facebook, or leading banks and financial companies like Citibank, Standard Chartered and Merrill Lynch. Microsoft, Lucasfilm and Procter & Gamble are also some of the big names who're known to hire the school's graduates.

5. Earn big bucks upon graduation
The school's graduates are amongst the highest-earning fresh NTU hires. The average gross monthly salary for holders of the double degree in business and computer science is $3,615, while the top earner overall last year is a computer science graduate drawing $11,700 monthly as a software engineer.
  • In 2013, over 90% of computer engineering graduates and 92% of computer science graduates were employed within six months of graduation.
  • Under the Intelligent Nation Masterplan, Singapore intends to invest heavily and create an additional 55,000 jobs in the Infocomm industry by 2015. What this means: the need for talented IT professionals is increasing, and the school's very relevant programmes will give you a head start.