Grad you made it

From landing coveted positions and multiple job offers to running businesses full of promise, the Class of 2014 are on track to greater things. Meet nine of these bright young minds

By Chrystal Chan, Victoria Chang and Christopher Ong
Four internships later...
Photos: Nuria Ling
Koh Liang Han
Double degree in Accountancy and Business

He did multiple internships at firms like Partners Group, GIC and DBS Bank, and also took a semester off to intern at OCBC Bank. The first class honours and Dean’s List student had job offers from Singapore Exchange and Citibank. He joins Citibank as a Management Associate.

Better late than never. I did four internships in the span of one year because in my second year at NTU, I realised that most of my peers had already begun to build up their resume from their freshman year by doing multiple internships. As internships count for a lot in business, I didn’t want to lose out and decided to go all out and do as many as I could.

The toughest boss became my friend. During my five-month stint at OCBC Bank, I worked for a boss who expected a lot from me. The reports I generated had to be perfect. If there was a missing full stop, I would get it from him. It was tough to live up to his expectations, but I learnt to pay attention to the smallest details and we are now good friends.

Opportunities are everywhere. I chose to explore new job avenues instead of returning to my internship companies, because I wanted to find out what else I could do out there. One of the reasons I applied to both Singapore Exchange and Citibank is because I was interested in their Management Associate programmes, which offer exposure in different departments.

No internship? You’re missing out. I’ve noticed that interviewers like to ask questions related to your understanding of how people work. If you can cite a real-life example of how you managed to settle a conflict in a work setting, you’ll win them over. Those who’ve not done internships may find it harder to answer these types of questions.

Roots in business. When I was in primary school, I was crazy about soccer and would compile all sorts of information about the sport into a booklet and sell it to my friends. Thinking about it now, that was my very first foray into business.

The best friendships are made... during Freshmen Orientation Camps! Looking back, I realise the activities helped us form super-tight bonds – friends you can keep for life. These are also people you might end up working with in future as you’re all likely to wind up in the same industry.
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