Where I went last summer

A career abroad is a reality in today’s global workplace and at NTU, undergraduates get the first taste of it through overseas internships. HEY! talks to five NTU students about that coveted first overseas work experience

By Derek Rodriguez and Chrystal Chan
I worked with models
Lourence Steven
Renaissance Engineering Programme
Interned at Carl Zeiss Meditec, California, USA

One of the highlights of the Renaissance Engineering Programme was getting to intern at a company in the USA. I landed a 10-week internship at Carl Zeiss where I worked with models – CAD models.

I mastered Creo Elements/Direct Modelling Express 18.1, a CAD software. It was new to me but with the 3D modelling techniques I learnt in NTU, I picked it up within a few days. I was gradually given more projects and am proud to say I really pulled my weight.

It was important that I did well – I was the first NTU student interning at the company and how I performed was going to determine if Carl Zeiss hired more NTU students in the future.

I worked very closely with my mentor, the director of mechanical engineering. Our daily meetings lasted almost four hours and his insights always left me thinking: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Outside of work, he also helped me to settle down. He invited me over to his place to meet his family, and brought me for a concert and a picnic dinner.

I felt really sad on my last day at Carl Zeiss. But I had a lot of fun and left with a sense of satisfaction. As I was walking past the cubicles, the VP of R&D called me over and told me he appreciated my work and that I was always welcome there. Getting recognition from someone like him even though I was just an intern was indescribable.