Bedside manners

More time for shut-eye and more room for shopping. “They’re what I love to do in my spare time – sleep and shop!” says medicine freshman Felicia Ng, laughing. Having recently moved into her double room at the brand-new Crescent Hall, she is all praise for her new “home” and its lush, green surroundings. Air-conditioned reading rooms, a well-equipped gym, barbecues by the water and the convenience of a 12-stall canteen – what more can a student ask for?

Living with a roommate – fellow medicine freshie Chua Min Kuan – is all about sharing, which means more than sufficient meals, books and even clothes and shoes for both. “It's fun having a roomie as there's always company around. And, having a double room means having more space when friends come over to chill.”

A doctor in the making, Felicia has known her calling since her childhood days. Unlike other kids, frequent trips to clinics didn’t fill her with dread. “It’s because the doctors were so friendly and the visits meant a lot of lollipop treats,” she adds cheekily. Also, she finds helping others and making them smile very rewarding. – Siddiqua Ovais
These snapshots from my 18th birthday celebrations always cheer me up
Decor from Ikea – time seems to fly by so quickly in NTU
This Polaroid photo wall contains four years of memories
A room-warming gift and my reliable bedfellow
Halloween-themed treats that satisfy my cravings for healthy snacks
This photograph reminds me of the many new friends I made at orientation camp
I’ll have to make do with this play-doctor kit from my seniors until I get a real one
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