Wheel power

Four wheels good, one wheel better. Derek Rodriguez catches up with NTU students and professors who whiz around campus on two wheels or less

Scoot dude
Jabez Lum, 24

The third-year electrical and electronic engineering student started riding a motorised scooter to NTU in his freshman year. After experiencing the convenience of scooters, he decided to sell them.

What’s the story behind your scooter?
I rode the bus to school in my first year, which took 40 minutes. After I got an electrical bike, I discovered I only needed 25 minutes. I eventually traded it in for my present scooter. I use it every day without fail, rain or shine.

Can you travel fast and far with it?
Its maximum speed is about 32km/h. But the legal speed limit for electric vehicles here is 25km/h. Each full charge takes four hours and costs no more than $3 per month, and with it, I can cover up to 25km.

Do you get a lot of attention?
Yes, especially from primary school kids. They aren’t used to seeing electric scooters, so I’d see them nudge their mothers and ask: “What’s that?”

And you’re selling scooters now?
I’ve sold about 70 scooters in four months. I haven’t had any customers from NTU yet, but a few of my scooters are on sale at the sports shop in Pioneer Hall. Other than scooters, I sell Gyro Wheel, a motorised unicycle that uses inertia to move.

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