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Photos: Sam Chin
Ethan Toh has his own hall room, but you’d hardly find him there. That’s because most of the time, he chooses to hang out in best friend Chong Yu Han’s Hall 2 room, which is outfitted exactly like a bachelor’s pad.

There is a snazzy deejay console, a 32-inch flat screen television, cushy beanbags and two PlayStations, as well as 20 of the hottest console games including Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and Call of Duty. And just like a dream apartment, there are plenty of snacks and drinks so friends never go hungry.

“His room is not huge, but it definitely feels like a home. It’s very cosy,” explains Ethan. “That’s why I like coming over to hang out.”

The pair met at the Nanyang Business School freshmen orientation camp last year and soon became firm buddies. Their friendship was further cemented over the many hours they spent planning this year’s orientation camp as organising committee members.

“Yu Han is very down-to-earth and humble – a Mr Nice Guy. He’s also the Hall 2 King!” says Ethan proudly.

It’s easy to see why Yu Han is such a hit amongst his friends. He and his roommate Jordan adopt an “open door policy”, letting fellow hall mates drop in whenever they want to.

“Usually, we leave our door open when it gets warm, so whoever happens to walk by can just come in and chill,” says Yu Han. “I’ve actually not used the PlayStation much myself this semester, because friends keep coming over to use it!”

His generosity extends even beyond his front door. When HEY! visited his hall room last December, we found a box of chocolates and sweets on the shoe rack outside with this note attached: “Merry Christmas! Season of giving. Feel free to enjoy the treats!” – Chrystal Chan
My friends made this cork board filled with good wishes for my 22nd birthday
A trophy I won at an orientation camp. I was pleasantly surprised to be named my orientation group’s “best freshie”
I’ve recently started deejaying and use this controller to practise my skills
A hip hop dancer like me needs his “dance cap”. I also wear this when I’m having a bad hair day!
A keepsake from the Hall 2 pageant photo shoot. I’ll never forget the people who supported and encouraged me
My roommate and I use this to listen to our favourite music. It’s great for movie sessions too. We try not to make too much noise!
Cherished mementoes from my freshman year – photos and notes from pals that keep me motivated
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