Dear 18-year-old me...

What advice would final-year students give to their 18-year-old selves struggling with decisions like which university and course to pick? Four seniors with the benefit of hindsight leave some wise words for their younger selves...

By Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez
Seline Kok, English
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Dear me,

You might be at a loss now, because you didn’t get into your dream course. Don’t fret, because you’ll soon see that doing English in NTU is the silver lining you never saw coming. You are a perfect fit for the course and will even have the time to do all the things you love, and that will be immensely rewarding.

Remember not to pass up on this elective called Asian Horror, because you are going to have so much fun. Not only will you get to watch horror movies during class, you get to analyse each scene in-depth.

University life won’t be all roses and dandelions and you’ll go through heartbreak, disappointment, confusion and anger. But you’ll grow from these experiences and learn how to deal with tough situations.

If I have just one piece of advice for you, it would be to allow people to enter your life, and let them go when it’s time to. Appreciate the ones who stick around; the ones who tear through tubs of ice cream with you, the ones who take midnight walks beside you, the ones who nag at you to eat and study more, and the ones who have your back. Remember to do the same for them!

Treasure your time as a freshie in NTU because that will be one of the best times of your life. You will learn how to write entire essays without ploughing through all your course materials, you will learn the art of working through the night and only going to bed when the sun rises, and crucially, you will learn how to have time for your friends and still have time for mahjong.

Exciting times at university await, and I wish you all the best, my young self!