For many graduating students, their proudest project is the FYP, or Final Year Project. Ang Hui Min takes a peek at some of this year’s blockbuster assignments

Granny’s best morsels

Oldies but goodies. Four communication students launched a campaign, “My Ah Ma Make One”, to share the beauty and incomparable taste of traditional snacks, and what goes into making them. From goodies like ang ku kueh to Eurasian chicken pie, it seems the appeal of Ah Ma’s cooking has not been lost, judging by the number of youths who signed up for the snack-making workshops.

Your brain is not a maze

Biological sciences student Deanna Heng became Sherlock Holmes when she used tracing strategies to map out connections between different regions of a mouse’s brain. Such brain mapping, when applied to humans, could be useful in developing therapies for neurological conditions such as autism, depression and schizophrenia.

Smarter glasses

Up your presentation game with this app by electrical engineering student Indri Hartanto. With a pair of smart glasses, you can receive real-time feedback on how your presentation is going, such as whether you’re speaking too fast or too softly. All you need to do now is quickly adjust your talking speed or volume to impress your audience.

It’s not so scary

To help hospitalised kids such as young cancer patients cope, mechanical engineering student Peh Zhen Kai came up with the idea of 3D-printed toys in therapy. Instead of playing with toys from Toys "R" Us, the children designed and printed their own toys during counselling sessions. A mini Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner that Zhen Kai came up with has been used at the Children’s Cancer Foundation to help take the fear out of scanning procedures.

Fishy adventure

If you like action-packed adventures, you’ll enjoy this 3D animated short film by students from NTU’s art school. The protagonist, Nucai, is a dedicated servant who discovers something fishy about the Emperor’s new pet. It’s up to him to stop an assassination plot against the monarch. This witty film has a parallel in real life – our best intentions don't always pay off. The film, titled You Ci Ke, which means “there’s an assassin” in Mandarin, is largely dialogue-free and can be appreciated by all audiences.

Candy crush saga

It must be stressful for this kid (right) to discover his loot missing. By watching videos like this one showing how children naturally react to being told their Halloween candies had been eaten, psychology student Chu Pei Yun was able to find out more about how children cope with stress. It seems kids aged two and three are more likely to use self-distraction to cope, as compared to seven-year-olds.

Bare your sole

Is running better with or without shoes? Using sensors attached to the legs of 11 runners, mechanical engineering student Liu Yuandong studied the impact of running on their joints. He discovered that barefoot running is better for you, as there’s less pressure on your knees and ankles.