Make over my room

How would a guy spruce up his hall room on a budget of $100? HEY! challenged hall king Nicholas Loh to stretch his dollar for his corner.

With a little creativity, the 2014 Hall 6 pageant winner turned his cosy space into a cheery pad – one fit for a friendly king. “Ever since I started participating in hall activities, especially the pageant, I’ve made so many good friends. But I always love returning to the private retreat of my room, which feels just like home.”

Before makeover
Decorated with personal knick-knacks and bold splashes of colour, his living space is a visual testament to his love of life. “The vibrant colours in my room reflect the kind of person I am – hyper-energetic – and I have a finger in every pie.”

From playing hockey and the guitar, to hip-hop dancing and strutting his stuff on the runway, the second-year engineering student has no lack of interests.

On days he isn’t going head-on at life’s thrills, he revels in the peace and quiet of his room and loves unwinding with a cup of good tea. “This new garden table and chair set gives my room a special touch. Now I can sit here, relax and enjoy the pictures that remind me of my girlfriend and long vacations,” he says.

While his activities keep him busy, Nicholas yearns to explore new challenges. “Living in NTU over the past year has given me the opportunity to express myself in so many ways and I’m only just beginning to find out more about myself. I’m very interested in business and, with the support of my girlfriend, who’s studying accountancy in NTU, I hope to be an entrepreneur someday.” – Amin Shah
These pictures of my friends, girlfriend and vacations remind me of the precious moments in my life
A room that smells nice can lift your spirits and make you feel good
The perfect end to a long day – a cup of aromatic tea
Playing hockey is just one of the many activities I enjoy
There’s something satisfying about having a unique piece of artwork in your room
The bright, contrasting “power” colours of my new bed linen revitalise me each morning
My new garden table and chair bring the energy of the outdoors to my room!
Continuing the “outdoors” theme with this green rug
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Photos: Amin Shah