Hallroom BFFs

Your hall roomie can make or break your hall life. Find a good one and you’ll have plenty of shared experiences and a friend for life. Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez chat with three hall BFFs and find out what makes them tick and what ticks them off

Me, my stuffed toy and my roomie

Ng Yiqing, Year 2, Business
Ang Kai Lin, Year 2, Visual Communication

One is tall and artsy, the other hyperactive and funny. Or at least that’s how they describe each other. Much like sisters do, they nag at each other and wrangle over who cleans the room. And much like sisters, they always catch up at the end of the day in spite of their busy schedules.

How did you two meet?

K: We played netball together at Anglo-Chinese Junior College. We trained three times a week and for very long hours. Training was tough and we’d complain to each other about how torturous it was.

Y: When we entered NTU, we became roomies and got even closer.

K: Despite having different obligations now, we are still teammates in the varsity netball team. So, we always stay up late together to finish up our assignments after training. And whenever possible, we’d catch up and check on each other.

What is one thing you found out about her only after you became roommates?

K: She makes weird noises when she sleeps. There was once she talked in her sleep the whole night and since I did not know she was sleep talking, I replied to her. It was a strange conversation. She is also very particular about cleanliness. No one can eat on her bed or in the room. I still do it though!

Y: She is nocturnal; her sleep cycle is the total opposite of mine.

What’s the first thing she would save if there were a fire in the room?

K: Her owl stuffed toy.

Y: Her alpaca plushie. She brings her alpaca soft toy back and forth from home every weekend.

Have you had disagreements over the room?

K: Neither of us are good with expressing ourselves with words so we quarrel over small things. But we never take it to heart. Most of our fights are because I am very messy and usually not in the room, except when I sleep. So she ends up cleaning the room most of the time.

How does she show her affection?

Y: She writes me cards to encourage me and does little acts of service. For example, once she got me a can of Red Bull when I just casually said I needed one while studying for my paper.

K: I got really sick once, but refused to see a doctor even though I was coughing my lungs out and throwing up after every meal. She asked a friend to buy herbal tea for me and forced me to finish it. I did eventually, after three days of nagging. Yes, she can be naggy at times, but her small gestures make me grateful to have her as a roommate.

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