Hallroom BFFs

Your hall roomie can make or break your hall life. Find a good one and you’ll have plenty of shared experiences and a friend for life. Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez chat with three hall BFFs and find out what makes them tick and what ticks them off

Shoot! Isn’t that my friend from primary school?

Joel Lim, Year 2, Visual Communication
Fabian Loo, Year 2, Communication Studies

Joel and Fabian have known each other for over a decade, having met in primary school. They have been best friends since, maintaining their bond through their days at Meridian Junior College, and now as hall roommates in NTU.

How long does he take to get ready in the morning?

F: It’s impossible to wake Joel up. Even after the alarm rings 10 times and my constant prodding!

J: Even if I wake up later, we’ll still leave for class at the same time. He takes his time to get ready in the morning. I must admit the ladies have been noticing him, so at least it’s worth the effort!

What do you appreciate most about him?

J: He is a very understanding roommate. There are times I have to work on multiple projects and the room will be completely covered with my materials. He has never complained though. Sometimes, he even helps me with my projects.

F: Joel is the first person I approach when I need advice on any matter. Most times, he gives great advice. Otherwise, he has a lame joke to make me smile.

J: I ask for his opinion before making any important decision, too. I’m usually quite independent, so for me to take his thoughts into account counts for something.

What’s his prized possession in the room?

J: Probably his notes, because he’s a nerd.

F: His photography equipment and his artwork. He keeps them close to him even when he sleeps. He contorts his body around the objects on his bed, not the other way around.

Have you ever fought with each other?

J: Once, I fed some wild animals with his bread supply. And, boy, was he unhappy. But really, who can say no to hungry animals?

F: We’ve bickered many times, but we get over it quickly. It helps that Joel does nice little things like leaving notes or snacks on my table.

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