Make a date with Dal Shabet at NTU Fest

Popular South Korean girl group Dal Shabet will be in Singapore on 29 August for NTU Fest, our mega party at Marina Bay. Chrystal Chan susses out each member of the group before they set foot on our sunny shores

From left to right: Gaeun, Woohee, Serri, Jiyul, Ah Young and Subin
Gaeun was a model before she debuted with Dal Shabet
Woohee is the lead dancer and was a winner in a dance competition
Serri is a professional gymnast and the leader of the group
Jiyul grew up in England and is the most proficient in English
Ah Young plays basketball and enjoys reading about Greek and Roman mythology
Subin’s the youngest and tallest member at 175cm

Did you know?

  • Serri, Ah Young, Kaeun and Jiyul are all students at Dongduk Women’s University in Seoul
  • Dal Shabet debuted in 2011 and has released eight EPs
  • Their most popular song is Bling Bling, which made the top ten of the Gaon music chart
  • Their latest music video, Joker, has over 3 million views on YouTube