National Geographic Live on campus

Out of this world

National Geographic Live returns to NTU in August. This time, meet veteran National Geographic photographer Steve Winter and renowned NASA space engineer Kobie Boykins, and be inspired by their unforgettable stories and images

Exploring Mars: Kobie Boykins
24 August


“When I wake up, I go: ‘Wow, I get to go to work and I get to test the rover today, or I’m going to get to throw a vehicle out of a helicopter, or I’m going to get to blow up something, or I’m going to get to design this thing that’s going to Mars.’”

Twelve years ago, this dynamic young mechanical engineer at NASA had an out-of-this-world experience. He watched a rocket blast off from Kennedy Space Centre, bound for Mars and loaded with a vehicle he helped design and build. Today, that vehicle – the Opportunity rover – continues to explore the Red Planet after outlasting its 90-day mission. The intrepid explorer’s latest work involves another rover – Curiosity, the most ambitious Mars mission yet flown by NASA. NTU folks will get to ask him about his thrilling adventures and whether there’s really life in outer space.

On the Trail of Big Cats: Steve Winter
26 August


“By saving the world’s top predators, we save huge forests, rivers, wildlife and, ultimately, our planet.”

To get that perfect shot, Steve Winter has been stalked by jaguars in Brazil, charged by a grizzly in Siberia and trapped in quicksand in the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar. The award-winning photographer has since documented five big cat species and done much to champion conservation efforts. Find out how this fearless shutterbug gets up close with unpredictable tigers and snow leopards and emerges in one piece.

More wild encounters

NTU’s renewed partnership with National Geographic Live, after last year’s successful first run, means more opportunities for the campus community to meet with famous National Geographic explorers. As a series partner bringing National Geographic Live to Asia, NTU is also a co-sponsor of public lectures by the adventurers at the Esplanade. The various talks will be integrated with NTU’s undergraduate course on sustainability.