The mall the merrier

The wait is over! With new retail and F&B outlets at the North Spine, you’ll be hard pressed for a reason to leave the campus after classes. Derek Rodriguez takes a look at what you can expect

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Remember when you had to travel out of campus because you were craving a Peanut Butter Crème and Jelly donut, or needed to get your International Youth Travel Card for your upcoming exchange? These will soon be problems of the past. And maybe you have a good head for business and always wanted to spend your free time in between classes manning your own pushcart stall. Soon, you now can do this and more.

The “foodiest university in the world”, as dubbed by Makansutra guru KF Seetoh, will become even foodier when the brand new section at the tip of the North Spine sheds its hoardings by early next year. NTU’s very own lifestyle hub near the Student Activities Centre will offer two storeys of fresh, breezy space with all the conveniences you need at your doorstep.

The lower floor at the carpark level will house plenty of new food and retail outlets, including a shopping boulevard with a pop-up store. Banking facilities, a hair salon known for 10-minute haircuts, a travel agency, postal services and places to pick up snacks and groceries on the go complete the wide range of services.

If you find it tough deciding what to eat now, your indecisiveness could grow soon. Together with the existing eateries like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Starbucks Coffee, Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant and the North Spine foodcourt, the remodelled area will offer more than two dozen F&B outlets. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

The upper floor will be a new “green” lung on campus with garden-like interaction spaces and study areas. The cherry on top is the translucent bubble roof that keeps the decks below it cool and bright on sunny days, and dry when it rains.

The hangout previously known as Canopy K will be given a new lease of life as a space for student activities. Catch the latest performance on the newly built stage or check out roadshows and flea markets there. This buzzing zone is the first area you’ll pass through if you’re coming from the bus stop, and you’ll be able to see the canopy roof from here.

Welcome to your brand new playground.

Give us a name

Calling all NTU students! You did it with The Hive, now help us name NTU’s new lifestyle hub and two specific areas within it. You’ll win a travel voucher worth up to $400 from STA Travel (the new travel agency on campus!) if your ideas are selected.

Here are the three places you need to name:

A. The entire North Spine hub that includes the existing eateries, like McDonald’s and KFC, and the new ones. This will be a dynamic lifestyle destination that will make campus life more vibrant.
B. The mini performance area between Wheelies Gourmet and the Student Activities Centre, where talented students, faculty and staff can showcase their latest acts. This is where you can busk and entertain your friends or professors.
C. The popular activity area formerly known as Canopy K, where you might enjoy a curtain-raiser to the latest hall production, watch a pageant, appreciate a cultural performance, put up your club’s exhibition or browse fun buys at a flea market.

To take part, email your proposed names for all three areas to hey@ntu.edu.sg with "Naming competition" as the subject line by 30 October 2015. Include your full name, NTU school and year of study, contact number and email address in your entry. Winners will be informed via email.