And the record goes to — NTU

The NTU community has a record of… setting records. Aloysius Boh sniffs them out and finds four new entries for the national archives this year

Largest logo made of photos
29 August 2015

At NTU Fest 2015, thousands of smiles beamed from this gargantuan NTU Fest logo – made up of 10,000 photographs – that Education Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat helped unveil. Printed on a huge banner, this is the largest logo formed out of snapshots in Singapore to date.

Most number of photos taken using a mobile app
8 August 2015

Singaporeans banded together and shared their wishes for the country through the SG50 Wish mobile app, which uses a crowdsourcing platform developed by NTU. More than 51,000 photos were posted on the platform, with the app’s record-breaking moment witnessed by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, on the eve of National Day.

Largest SG50 logo made of rice and red beans
5 August 2015

Not only did this year’s NBS Welcome Day set a Singapore record, it marked the nation’s golden jubilee and contributed to a charitable cause too. Joined by NTU alumnus and Member of Parliament Mr Zaqy Mohamad, students from the Nanyang Business School formed the SG50 logo after filling 1,350 recycled bottles with 1,000kg of red beans and 250kg of rice. Each bottle represented a freshman. The filled bottles were donated to the less privileged.

Most number of overflowing pongal pots in 15 minutes
7 February 2015

The NTU Tamil Literary Society was involved in bringing together 198 people in a spot of pongal cooking. It wasn’t easy to get the aluminium pots to overflow within the given time, but 11 cooks succeeded, setting a new Singapore record.

Largest heart-shaped formation from message cards
4 December 2014

Another one for the Singapore Book of Records – more than 4,700 cards showing appreciation to senior volunteers in Singapore were used to make a giant heart on the floor.

Biggest man-made heart
21 October 2014

Last year, 700 NTU students made a big-hearted attempt to break a Guinness World Record. They succeeded and also raised $13,000 for the underprivileged and the Singapore Heart Foundation.

Largest logo made of rice
7 August 2014

The Nanyang Business School logo was assembled with rice-filled plastic bottles, which were later donated to needy families. Incoming students had a part to play in this – they brought the packets of uncooked rice used to fill up the empty bottles.

Longest human centipede
29 July 2005

A decade ago, more than 1,600 NTU students tied their ankles together to form a jumbo-sized “centipede” that managed to “crawl” more than 30m. We bet this is one of the most spectacular sights Bishan Park has seen.

Most number of couples on a blind date within 12 hours
20 July 2005

Bonding and camaraderie were the order of the day when 536 freshmen got together to set this world record. Some might have hit it off and gone on to get married, with kids by now!

Largest “pass the parcel” game
28 February 1998

The world’s biggest “pass the parcel” game was organised by the NTU Students’ Union 17 years ago. It was played by 3,918 students who took two-and-a-half hours to remove a parcel from 2,200 wrappers. The wrapped parcel measured 1.5m by 1.5m by 0.5m – large enough to hide 10 short persons!