Running in the family

These high-flying siblings had their pick of universities but with strong family influence, all chose NTU, as Derek Rodriguez finds out

Like three peas in a pod

National basketballer and freshman Jabez Su (below right) is the third in his family to enrol at NTU, after his sister Dacia and his brother Landdis (below left), who represented Singapore at the recent SEA Games in discus.

Hot picks

Jabez: I was pretty certain I wanted to come to NTU, especially since my two older siblings made that same choice. I earned a spot in Maritime Studies at NTU. I like the career prospects the programme will offer me and the exchange programme in Norway.

Landdis: I got offers from other universities in Singapore, but NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information appealed to me because of its reputation. My sister was in NTU too and that helped to sway me as well. She studied bioengineering and graduated in 2009.

Support from the sidelines

Landdis: It isn’t easy balancing both sports and studies. I also carve out time to give tuition, so I can be financially independent. NTU helps me a lot, especially during competitions, so I’m usually up to speed on all my commitments. I have to give up most of my social time though.

Jabez: I am in both the national basketball team and the NTU team. So during competition season, I train every morning and night at the Sports Hub. The travelling and fatigue from training forces me to stay disciplined. It helps that my professors have been very understanding. So have the NTU management, who accommodate me whenever my schedule gets too packed and I have to miss exams, for example.

Level up

Landdis: This year has been filled with great memories. Competing in front of the home crowd at the SEA Games was unforgettable, with the Singapore President and some Cabinet ministers cheering us on. I also recorded a personal best throw of 44.62m at the inter-varsity games, beating my SEA Games teammate from another university whom I usually lose to. I can never forget his expression – he was dumbfounded!