Let me tell you about NTU

HEY! susses out 17 students from different NTU programmes to get insider information on their schools and courses

By Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez
Ian Chen
Year 4
Renaissance Engineering Programme

I opted for the Renaissance Engineering Programme, because I relished the chance to go overseas for a year. And what an amazing year I had at the University of California, Berkeley!

There, I took a tech entrepreneurship class with a few course mates from NTU. I’m proud to say that thanks to the holistic NTU curriculum, our team outshone the other Berkeley teams in all aspects, including business planning, app development and presentation. We were even chosen to represent UC Berkeley in a global competition in Barcelona, Spain.

Since I stayed in an international dormitory in UC Berkeley, I made many friends from all around the world. Every week, students from a different country would organise a coffee hour showcasing their culture and local food. For the Singapore week, we taught our foreign friends how to play “five stones” and held a lucky draw with Singaporean prizes like durian!

On weekends, we often took road trips to nearby places like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, San Diego and Los Angeles. During the winter break, we travelled to New York, Boston and Washington DC.

After my unforgettable year in Berkeley, I did a three-month internship at Airtable, a startup based in San Francisco. It was a short but productive stint. I programmed a Macbook app for the company from scratch and developed new features for their existing mobile app.

Did you know?

  • Renaissance Engineering Programme students spend a full year overseas at University of California, Berkeley, or Northwestern University in Chicago or Imperial College London.
  • Lessons are based on team-based learning and the flipped classroom pedagogy. To facilitate discussions and learning outside the classroom, all freshmen will get an iPad to access their lessons digitally.
  • For a fuller overseas immersion, REP students also do their internship abroad, in the United States or Europe.