Let me tell you about NTU

HEY! susses out 17 students from different NTU programmes to get insider information on their schools and courses

By Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez
Agnes Goh
Year 4
Communication & information

I am in the University Scholars Programme and I enjoy it because all my classes are so different. The curriculum includes philosophy and reasoning, ethics, geography and science, and trains us to see the connections amongst them. One of the classes I took, The Great Ideas, is a mix of economics, politics and philosophy, where we read novels like Grapes of Wrath and 1984 and then draw links between the various concepts in the books.

I also like how in NTU, I get to pick from a range of electives that interest me, such as languages – I’m currently taking level four Korean. Getting to experience the working world through my internships at Zalora and advertising giant DDB was a steep learning curve at first, but I am now pretty familiar with typical industry domains like CRM marketing and what account servicing entails.

I have acquired skills relevant to current market needs, as during these internships, I got to explore the various platforms of advertising to gain experience and build lasting networks.

I’m also constantly challenged to think and learn in different ways, because of all of my varied classes. For example, I have to apply theories in my research methods class, brainstorm for creative ideas in my advertising course, and work my head around complex analogies in interdisciplinary modules.

In these classes, I get insights into international contexts and converse with professors who come from all over the world, and that’s really great.

Did you know?

  • New communication degrees include a second major in business as well as a double major in economics and media analytics, and psychology and media analytics.
  • Your communication degree is broad as you can take classes in advertising, journalism, public relations, broadcast and communication research, and information analytics.
  • Special programmes like GO-FAR, SOJOURN and Regional Strategic Communication Management allow students in any discipline in the school a chance to go overseas to cover a story or handle advertising or PR-related campaigns. Students have been to North Korea, Bhutan and Sweden, and in 2016, they will visit Iran.