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HEY! susses out 17 students from different NTU programmes to get insider information on their schools and courses

By Chrystal Chan and Derek Rodriguez
Ivory Yeo
Year 2
Biological sciences

Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by biology. When I was in junior college, I had the invaluable opportunity to conduct a biomedical research project on food science and immunology. This experience further affirmed my passion for research.

Now that I am part of the research-centric CN Yang Scholars Programme, it is really a dream come true. In my first year, I completed a research project at the School of Biological Sciences related to hormonal treatment for breast cancer. It’s hard to describe the satisfaction I got from seeing tangible results from a year’s work. The realisation that I can contribute solutions to real-world problems gives me the confidence to continue working towards my career goal.

This year, I’m doing research at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine studying compounds and drug delivery using skin models. I’ve come to appreciate the advantage of being in a university with state-of-the-art research facilities. Forging new friendships with other student researchers in the different laboratories I work in is the icing on the cake!

The programme not only offers endless research opportunities, but also a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that has allowed me to better understand how my major is interconnected with other sciences.

I’ll be heading to Queen Mary University of London in January next year for exchange. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about different cultures. I plan to spend the Easter break travelling Europe!

She wants to change the world from the lab

There is never a dull moment in Ivory’s life. From organising events for the CN Yang Scholars’ Club to hanging out with friends at Crescent Hall where she is a resident, to working on cancer treatment and now doing research at the medical school lab, you can say she has the proverbial finger in every pie. She turned down offers from top universities in the United Kingdom to fulfil her ambitions at NTU. Take a peek at her chock-a-block life as an undergrad on NTUsg YouTube.
Did you know?

  • Around 40% of biological sciences students pursue a double degree or a second major. The latest second major offered is biomedical materials. Students in this interdisciplinary programme will be trained in immunology, physiology, advanced biomaterials and nanomaterials.
  • The Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology programme provides an exciting taste of hands-on research. Held over the term break, students are taught advanced techniques which they will otherwise only encounter at postgraduate level.
  • Students have the opportunity to go for overseas exchange at partner universities such as Stockholm University, Seoul National University, University of California, Los Angeles, and Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. Strong industry ties also mean there will be internship opportunities at hospitals and companies like L'Oréal Singapore.