Off to see the world, at NTU

Globetrotters Nitya, Guodong and Sabrina have all gone overseas as part of their NTU education. Their global adventures include studying at well-known universities abroad and working at top companies in cosmopolitan hubs around the world

Nitya Anthony
Renaissance Engineering Programme

I am leaving for the Arctic Circle soon. I’m looking forward to dogsledding and visiting the ice hotel! The trip is the prize for winning the Shell Ideas360 global innovation competition. I am part of a trio in the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) who came up with an idea for a mobile application called FoodBasket, which aims to reduce the amount of food wasted globally.

In addition to the interdisciplinary engineering education, it was the global theme of REP that led me to pick it, and the programme has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone. Thanks to NTU, I have had numerous opportunities to learn and grow, both within and outside campus. During my NTU stint, I’ve experienced academic and campus life in other universities, like Peking University and University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

Under REP, we studied at UC Berkeley for a year and I did my internship in Silicon Valley at SAP Labs, USA, as part of the Design and Frontline Apps team, working on a consumer health application. It was priceless being part of the business, design and technical fronts of developing the novel application.

The vibrancy of the UC Berkeley campus was brilliant, whether it was the numerous performances held at Sproul Plaza, the frequent visits by top technology companies or even the interesting academic group projects.

One of the best aspects was living at the International House (I-House), where we got to meet and have fun with people from around the world. As REP, we organised a Singapore Coffee Hour at I-House, sharing Singaporean delights like teh, milo and kaya toast with other I-House residents as they learnt more about Singapore.

Besides the global aspect, the interdisciplinary nature of the REP programme, which combines engineering with business and humanities, has helped me hone my critical thinking skills, and has also instilled in me the gumption to try different things.

Being part of the NTU Debate Squad, representing NTU at debate competitions internationally, also provided opportunities to interact with students from abroad and visit new places. I am also very grateful to have had the chance to represent fellow NTU students at the Nobel Prize Series executive roundtable discussion on campus. It was incredibly humbling to be part of the spirited discussion on the future of learning with five Nobel Laureates and top government, industry and thought leaders.

Giving back to the wonderful REP family during my term as President of the Renaissance Engineering Club last year, was a great experience, and I was involved in kickstarting various initiatives. My involvement in Conjunct Consulting, a non-profit organisation that provides pro-bono consulting for other non-profits, was what led me to start my career in consulting – I’ve clinched a job with a consulting team at a leading bank.

I am proud to be an engineer, and it is encouraging to see more and more women taking up engineering. With government initiatives such as the Smart Nation, exciting times are ahead for those in this field.

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