Off to see the world, at NTU

Globetrotters Nitya, Guodong and Sabrina have all gone overseas as part of their NTU education. Their global adventures include studying at well-known universities abroad and working at top companies in cosmopolitan hubs around the world

Nur Sabrina Binte Azmi

It was exhilarating to go on exchange at the University of Amsterdam. I was there for five and a half months, and it was a new ball game to be out on my own.

Being in a foreign land and having to manage on my own was really refreshing and has taught me the true meaning of being independent and having to look out for myself.

Meeting new people and understanding their culture and outlook on life has broadened my perspective on many things like my education, relationships and where I want my life to head. The one thing that made my exchange so fruitful and amazing were all the colourful characters I came across in Weesperflat, the flat I stayed in. The people whom I shared the flat with are now my very close friends. They have made my exchange a billion times more special.

I got to do a lot of cycling in Amsterdam, where an entire culture is built around the cyclist. There seemed to be more bikes than people in Amsterdam! I had to cycle everywhere and it took me a while to get the hang of it, as I was quite clueless at first about basic cycling etiquette. But it was totally fun.

As I am with the rugby team at NTU (I have enjoyed the sport since my junior college days), I joined a touch rugby team when I was in Amsterdam. It was made up of expats and Dutch people. They were very kind and warm. It was nice being able to play a sport I love, in a foreign place. We also played beach touch at The Hague. One of the players, a surf coach, taught us how to surf. The water was cold and it was difficult but fun nonetheless!

Now that I am back at NTU, I will always remember the times I played rugby in Amsterdam. My roommate at the NTU hostel is also in the rugby team, so we share a common bond. We are always egging each other on when we are burning the midnight oil to catch up with our studies.

One of the best things about NTU is the camaraderie I’ve found here. I am not just a student with the School of Humanities & Social Sciences but part of a big family at NTU. It is the culture at the university which makes me feel I belong.

I am looking forward to my three-month internship with SPH. I will be joining the editorial team at The Business Times. At the moment, this appeals to me more than being a banker. Most people think that if you take economics, you end up being a banker. But actually, we have a wide choice of career options. I may join the civil service and formulate policies as I am interested in macroeconomics, or perhaps I’ll get a PhD after I graduate.

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