See yourself here?


You are concerned with world issues like global warming, earthquakes and air pollution, and probably think about societal problems like overpopulation and waste management. You firmly believe better urban planning will do us all a world of good. Consider a degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science, or Civil Engineering with a Second Major in Society and Urban Systems. You’ll probably find your fit here.

Sports jock

Exercise and all things sporty keep you on your toes, and you seem geared up to spread the gospel of sports to others. Perhaps you’ve even considered a way to make sports more accessible to everyone and have come up with a business idea. Think about taking up the Sport Science and Management course or a programme at the Nanyang Business School to take that thought all the way.


Your natural empathy makes you a good listener, and beneath that kind demeanour lies an analytical mind that dispenses useful advice from a clutter of information. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do something that will directly help others in need, like the infirm or the elderly. The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, a partnership between NTU and Imperial College London, will be just the place for you. If you like interacting with children or teenagers, the National Institute of Education is where you can arm yourself to positively influence young minds.


Your grades are the envy of your friends, because you seem to effortlessly juggle taking seven subjects and three CCAs. You’re just good at many things, and you enjoy them all. The University Scholars Programme is ideal for you as you will be challenged on many fronts, not just by your major or double major, but modules that meet your diverse intellectual needs, like moral philosophy and planet studies. Eye-opening overseas trips complete the experience.

Numbers whiz

Figures and statistics are your kind of thing. You keep a tight rein on how you spend your money and aim to make wise financial moves. With a head for business, you can see yourself on the reality television show Shark Tank. The Nanyang Business School’s double degree programme in Accountancy and Business will be a good bet. Alternatively, pursue Mathematical Sciences with a Minor in Finance at the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences.

Tech genius

Are Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg your heroes? Are you adept at churning out lines of code, or perhaps preoccupied with starting the next big tech trend? App-ly yourself well in Computer Science or Engineering, or take the double degree programme in Computer Science and Business, which may set you on the path to being the next Steve or Mark. If you prefer working on software like satellites, the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering will be where you’ll get your chance to build a real satellite and see it get launched into space.


In school, your report card was always filled with As, and your classmates considered you the smart one. A true-blue intellectual, you are never short of original ideas, whether a business innovation that meets a global need or a plan for a social enterprise that marries concepts from different disciplines. If you harbour thoughts of being a future leader of industry, consider the Renaissance Engineering Programme, which includes a year of studies abroad and work experience in top overseas technology hubs. For a career as a doctor, enrol at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. Or join other A-listers pursuing the double degree in Accountancy and Business.

Worldly brainiac

You take a real interest in world news and your favourite reading materials include magazines like Time or The Economist. Being out and about or connected to the world at large gives you satisfaction. The Public Policy & Global Affairs degree programme could be right up your alley. To get into the minds of others and discover universal truths, opt for Psychology with a Second Major in Biological Sciences. To sail into uncharted waters, well beyond your comfort zone, find your anchor in the Maritime Studies programme, which will equip you with business management skills.

Creative innovator

Are you a hands-on person who sees the world as your laboratory? If you are as quick with your mind as you are with your hands, the CN Yang Scholars Programme will give you the tools you need to conduct your research and projects. If you are curious about food, consider a Second Major in Food Science and Technology. Prefer creating futuristic robots and the like? Think about heading to the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, where you can build exciting innovations like your own 3D-printed car.

Connected trendsetter

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr, you’re on them all. You love expressing yourself in many ways, be it film, art, writing and photography. If that describes you, you would do great in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information or the School of Art, Design & Media, where you’ll get plenty of opportunities to satisfy your need for creative self-expression and communication in a hands-on way. If you have literary leanings, English Literature would be your perfect match.