Bull's-eye boy

An archery game at a night market in Taiwan changed the life of Ang Han Teng, a second-year sport science and management student. He became an avid compound archer who lets loose over a hundred arrows when he trains with his family, who are all archery enthusiasts.

The 24-year-old says: “My family is unique because unlike other average families who typically ask: ‘How’s your day?’, mine asks: ‘How was your shoot?’ or ‘What was your score?’”

With his younger brother already in the national archery team, and his sister preparing to go for national trials, Han Teng was determined to join them. “I was so keen to train and pass the trials so that I could travel and compete with my family around the world. I eventually made it to the national team in December 2013, and since then, I have been to World Cups, Asia Cups, Asia Championships, SEA Games, ASEAN University Games and the South East Asian Championships.”

His love for sports influenced his life choices as he switched from psychology to sport science management at NTU: “I have always been a sportsman and I love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through my veins. This course gives me a deeper understanding of how my body functions during sports, and it helps me understand which muscle parts I have to work on to improve my game at the range.”

When he’s not down at the range, Han Teng loves catching up with his friends, who often laugh at the way he laughs. “People say I have a weird variation of laughter, and sometimes it can be loud. But hey, making people laugh without any effort is awesome!” – Amin Shah

Archery essentials: The orange elastic band helps to warm up my muscles. The black release mechanism is what compound archers use to release the arrow. After training, I use the purple trigger ball to massage my hand
These binoculars give me a high-definition close-up of my target, so I can spot where my arrows land
Music helps me focus on tasks. I opt for piano music when I study and heavy metal during gym sessions
Sunblock for my face and body, part of my outdoor survival kit to avoid getting roasted
I keep a can of cat food in my bag, so that I can help feed the stray cats I chance upon during my commute
This is by far the coolest thing I have – blue sunglasses made for archery. It brightens up yellows and greens on the bull’s-eye while turning the red circles black. This way, I am more focused on the centre
When I compete, I record all my emotions, feelings and thoughts, which helps me prepare for future competitions