The Great Wall of... moving art

This eye-catching new media wall at the North Spine Plaza is an ever-changing canvas for interactive art by students, faculty and global artists. Lo Tien Yin goes on the scene

If walls had ears, this art showcase tops it all.

Responding to sounds, the moving art wall changes when it senses the reverberations in the air. It can also “see” your movements and even the colours of your clothes.

Up at the North Spine Plaza since June, this visual spectacle has many stories to tell – from tales with a supernatural twist to even what people are tweeting on social media. It has been captivating passers-by, including a family who comes almost every night just to see the digital images morphing.

The name of the game here is multimedia technologies that can transform any art form and even poetry into interactive digital art.

Two ladies are the creative brains behind this wall of art – Faith Teh of NTU Museum, who drives art initiatives on campus, and Assoc Prof Ina Conradi from the School of Art, Design & Media, who helped to conceptualise and build it with new media artist Mark Chavez.

“I see art as a connector that can unify different disciplines in NTU,” says Assoc Prof Conradi. “For example, you may see microscopic images from research done by various NTU schools transformed into new media art.”

Part of a larger plan to bring more public art to the university, the entire NTU campus could become a veritable museum, with an “art trail” to be launched next year.

Now, don’t you just love being a fly on such a wall!

Dazzling canvas: Two-dimensional creations by students from the School of Art, Design & Media are turned into an eye-popping real-time visual showcase.