Munchelin guide to light bites in NTU

Have no time in between classes for a full meal on busy days? Grab a quick bite before you rush off to your next class. Chrystal Chan goes on a snack hunt around campus

Waiting time Sweetness/saltiness
Instagram-worthiness Value-for-money
Waiting time
KFC - Price: $4.70
The KFC café booth may not be manned all the time, so be prepared to wait 5 to 10 minutes
Not overly sweet or cloying
Tip: Get the cafe’s trendy décor in your frame
Just under $5, this is affordable
Verdict: This smooth cheesecake has a fragrant buttery biscuit base. You’ll love that it holds up well on your fork without falling apart. One slice is perfect for that 4pm tea break.

Royal Gong Cha - Price: $6.90

10 minutes, depending on the queue at this popular bubble tea café
Pleasantly sweet
Served with standard cutlery
Affordable if shared with friends
Verdict: Refuel quickly with three bites of this rich cheesecake. It has a thin biscuit base and almond flakes that add a nice crunch.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Price: $5.85
As queues here are always long, be prepared to wait 10 minutes
Moderately sweet
The caramel-coated top is the clincher
Good value for money
Verdict: Light and fluffy, this creamy cheesecake with a buttery biscuit base is a crowd-pleaser best enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Popcorn chicken
KFC - Price: $3.90
Lunchtime queues are long so go during off-peak hours
Craving a drink?
Could make your Instagram followers hungry
$4 gets you an entire box that’s almost enough for a meal
Verdict: Crunchy, crispy and savoury, the pieces are small enough to pop into your mouth like a snack.

Wheeliz Gourmet - Price: $4.50

Get piping hot popcorn chicken in about 5 minutes
You might need to quench your thirst
Don’t leave this on your camera roll
Ravenous ones may find the portion too small
Verdict: This tasty popcorn chicken hits the spot if all you crave is a midday pick-me-up, and if you like yours done with more dough than chicken. The caramel brown hue is a visual treat for the eyes.

Dunkin’ Donuts - Price: $1.90
A fast-moving queue means you’re served within 5 minutes
Won’t cause a sugar coma
Sweetens any Instagram feed
You might be tempted to get two

Verdict: This soft and fluffy donut could win a beauty pageant with its glossy chocolate glaze and almost perfect ring. The sourdough-like bread with a springy texture complements the sugary coating.

Crescent Hall Canteen - Price: $1.20

Quick, friendly service, but often sold out by noon
Comes with standard chocolate sprinkles
You won’t rush to put this on your feed
A staple rather than a treat

Verdict: Don’t discount this slightly misshapen donut – it’s a substantial snack that goes easy on your wallet.

Siew mai
Quad Café - Price: $1.50 for three
Skip the line for drinks and help yourself to the siew mai in the steamers before paying. You’ll be out of there in 2 minutes or less
Flavourful and not overly salty
Could be mistaken for hearty meatballs
Cheap and good

Verdict: This rather tasty chicken siew mai has meat so smooth and springy, you’ll wonder whether it’s high in preservatives.

Canteen 2 (Wonderful restaurant) - Price: $4.30 for six

As the siew mai is steamed on the spot, expect to wait about 8 minutes
The natural flavours of the ingredients come through
Served in a bamboo steamer, just like in a dim sum restaurant
Scores points for fresh ingredients

Verdict: With succulent prawns hidden within each siew mai, you’ll easily down all six in no time. While juicy and very Instagram-worthy, this seems to lack something – perhaps some chilli oil?