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Eye in the sky

See a new perspective of your university with these top shots from the 2017 NTU calendar

  • 1 / 7

    Green with envy

    NTU’s sprawling 200-hectare varsity grounds are a garden campus in a garden city.

  • 2 / 7

    Y this campus is named among the world’s 15 most beautiful

    Even the top view is eye candy.

  • 3 / 7

    Let’s do the conga

    The dynamism of Hall 6, known for its love of sports, is palpable even from the air.

  • 4 / 7

    New kid on the block

    The newest halls of residence that boast the campus’ biggest gym.

  • 5 / 7

    Place in the sun

    Hitting the roof in sustainability, solar farms are built on top of NTU’s buildings for clean energy.

  • 6 / 7

    Sport on

    The new sports hall’s massive arched roof will stop you in your tracks.

  • 7 / 7

    No glass ceiling

    Follow the translucent bubble roof to the North Spine Plaza, where you can find almost everything you need – a stage to perform, a space to sell your wares and cosy corners to discuss your next big idea.