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Movers, shakers and go-getters

Everyone’s a winner in NTU’s Class of 2017. HEY! salutes the many talents in our midst here

Big heart award

Maharah Binte Abdul Mahid

Biological sciences

  • Maharah Mahid laughing
  • Maharah Mahid
  • Maharah Mahid

For most of her life, Maharah would rush back after school to help her mother care for her father, who suffered from the debilitating effects of cancer treatment. Maharah would catch up on her schoolwork after midnight, staying awake in case her father needed her help.

When he passed on, she started giving tuition to supplement her mother’s income, and would take care of her mother when her diabetes worsened over the years.

“Although I had extra responsibilities, the opportunity to take care of my parents was the greatest blessing I’ve ever received,” says the first-class honours graduate.

Despite her circumstances, she would conduct charity projects to help low-income families with members afflicted with cancer during her holidays.

“As my father’s caregiver, I was aware of the importance of having help. While most of these projects provided tangible support like grocery-shopping, some others were designed to teach the beneficiaries useful skills.”

Taking care of her parents had a large influence on her ambitions as well.

“Growing up, hospital visits were a frequent affair. My father’s doctor instilled such confidence in him that he was the only person my father would listen to. His condition also sparked a curiosity in me for medicine.”

Even as Maharah plans to pursue graduate studies in medicine, she hopes to reach out to more families through her charities, and take on more part-time jobs to help her mother.

“Seeing how my parents fought to overcome their illnesses, I promised myself I’d fight for my dreams, whatever difficulties may come my way.”