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Movers, shakers and go-getters

Everyone’s a winner in NTU’s Class of 2017. HEY! salutes the many talents in our midst here

Fashionista award

Siti Balqis


  • Siti Balqis
  • Siti Balqis holding an arrow prop
  • Siti Balqis holding a tiara prop

With almost 12,000 followers on Instagram, online fashion retailer Faroshah has a healthy number of regular customers. Its founder, history major Balqis, started the company when she was 19 and has guided its steady growth since then. Most of her customers are from countries in the region, but she gets orders from Europe and the US as well.

Her education in NTU, says the fashion entrepreneur, taught her skills she used to help her business flourish.

“I learnt a lot from classes at the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre. One thing that was extremely useful was social media strategies, which I applied to my business.”

Now that her studies are over, she plans to devote herself fully to Faroshah and see that it reaches its full potential. An office space and showroom in Jurong East is the next step in her expansion plans. And although she states that “the key to 21st century business is online presence”, she won’t discount the possibility of setting up a physical boutique in future.