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Movers, shakers and go-getters

Everyone’s a winner in NTU’s Class of 2017. HEY! salutes the many talents in our midst here

Hot on the job market award

Alvin Ng


  • Alvin Ng holding his tie
  • Alvin Ng
  • Alvin Ng

To say Alvin is “driven” would be severely underselling the young man. He turned down no less than five job offers in the finance industry, just to wait out a position at the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Inspired by his father, who had retired from the Singapore Police Force, Alvin has always heeded a higher calling to serve the greater good.

“My father advised me to get a job that would let me contribute the most to society instead of paying me the most. Integrity is important,” he says.

Even in NTU, Alvin spent his Saturdays mentoring juniors in the business school’s case club, Business Solutions. He prepared them for case competitions, where teams develop the best solutions to business- or education-related case studies within a given timeframe. The 24-year-old also managed to find bandwidth for the students’ union, volunteered at myriad organisations for the disadvantaged, and represented Singapore at an international case competition. And the first-class honours graduate never let his grades suffer.

If you want to know how Alvin got so many job offers, here’s a tip: He manages a neat LinkedIn account filled with his achievements and experiences. Whenever he applies for a job, he customises his resume to highlight skills and experiences most relevant to the role.