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Movers, shakers and go-getters

Everyone’s a winner in NTU’s Class of 2017. HEY! salutes the many talents in our midst here

Not all heroes wear capes award

Santosh Yadaw


  • Santosh Yadaw
  • Santosh Yadaw
  • Santosh Yadaw

While most kids grew up with capes on their backs, imagining themselves as superheroes, a young Santosh admired Carl Sagan and was heavily influenced by Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, a show presented by the famed scientist.

“I developed an interest in physics while watching the show. I wanted to learn more about the physical laws that govern our universe,” says Santosh, adding that he believed studying physics in NTU would refine his analytical and problem-solving skills as well.

And, as far as Santosh is concerned, not all heroes wear capes. Being interested in science doesn’t mean saving the world takes a back seat.

Says the defence engineer at the Defence Science & Technology Agency: “Although I received several job offers from the technology consulting industry, this position is an opportunity for me to use my passion for technology for the important goal of national security.”

Technology such as an infrared invisibility cloaking device perhaps, which was incidentally what he designed for his final-year project, under the guidance of Dr Xu Hongyi and Assoc Prof Zhang Baile, who has been named among the world’s top young innovators under 35 years old, alongside Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

While Santosh is no Tony Stark yet, he’s already far more down-to-earth than the Iron Man. His proudest NTU achievement, he insists, was receiving the Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship.

Says the first-class honours grad: “The scholarship gave me an avenue to give back to society by participating in charity events organised by the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, which helps underprivileged children and the less fortunate.”