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New NTUSU President has a secret life

Newly elected NTU Students’ Union (NTUSU) President Edward Lim has a penchant for helping people, even when the sun goes down
by Derek Rodriguez

  • NTUSU President Edward Lim at the foosball table in the Student Activities Centre
  • NTUSU President Edward Lim poses at the foosball table in the Student Activities Centre as other students play table tennis behind him
  • NTUSU President Edward Lim at the Skydeck in the North Spine Plaza


Tell us what’s top on your agenda as the new students’ union President.

Getting even more healthy and affordable food options to NTU. It’s more complex and important than it sounds. We have been working with the office in charge and the external vendors. We would also like to improve how students are represented and are reaching out to other student clubs to forge a tighter-knit NTU community.

What’s one thing you want all NTU students to know?

That studies isn’t everything. You need to understand your purpose in life. Why do you get out of bed every day, what do you look forward to, and why are you in university?

What’s your leadership mantra?

To inspire, develop and build. One of the most beautiful things about leadership is developing more leaders, and I feel motivated by seeing others grow and develop. I also want to build on the success of the previous students’ unions by being more approachable and relatable.

What’s the biggest challenge you face?

People. We have to look out for our peers and manage various stakeholders at the same time. The student landscape is quite multifaceted, and the halls and clubs all have different goals. The students’ union represents the undergraduate population so we take a macro point of view and see which policies will ultimately benefit the most students.

Do you have a secret hobby?

I am a volunteer police officer at Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre. I don’t really talk about it but my close friends know what I do. In my National Service days, I served as an Investigation Officer with the Special Investigation Branch, which is part of the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command. I dealt with all sorts of cases, from sexual crimes to drug abuse, and met people from all walks of life. Helping those who can’t stand up for themselves is meaningful, and uncovering the truth has always given me great satisfaction.

NTUSU President Edward Lim in police uniform

If you could be a comic book hero, who would you be?

Tintin. He’s young and has a thirst for adventure, like me. He travels the world, seeking truth and justice. Also, he’s always accompanied by his dog, Snowy, and I love dogs.

Where do you see yourself in two years, after getting your mechanical engineering degree with a second major in business?

I’ll either be travelling around trying to make a positive impact wherever I go or become a full-time police officer. I haven’t decided which path to take yet. I really enjoy doing investigative work but I also wish to play my part as a global citizen and make a bigger change in the world.

Which will get your heart racing more, an angry NTU student or a suspicious person?

An angry student. It probably means there are things we could have done better. I’d get anxious and would try to make things right.