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6 ways to get ahead now

It’s wow or never! See how NTU students get the best all-in-one experience on the NTU Smart Campus, from top-notch learning facilities to a vibrant campus life, overseas stints, unique learning options, cool internships and super credentials
by Chrystal Chan, Derek Rodriguez and Peter Yeo

“Smart campus detected!”


Michael Hsu

What I’m going to tell you might sound a little strange. I’ve heard students lament that “Pulau NTU” is too far away, but not to me. I love how NTU is located away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world outside, yet just a convenient MRT and bus ride away.

Here, it feels like we are living in a smart city of our own. We enjoy many modern conveniences and food options, and it’s no secret this “city” has some of the most Instagrammable sights. Speaking of food, did you know there are 177 vending machines scattered across the campus? These sell hot and cold food, drinks, desserts, snacks and even stationery!

We have amazing – and endlessly fascinating – buildings like The Hive to study in and explore. But my favourite part of NTU is undeniably Crescent Hall, my second home. My hall’s tree-lined boardwalks and gazebos remind me of a resort. Whenever I step into the compound after a hectic day, I’d feel instantly relaxed. My roommate and I love how peaceful it is to stay on campus even over the weekends.

As a first-year student in the CN Yang Scholars Programme, I take courses covering a diverse range of subjects. I’m a physics major, but I also dip my toes into biology, chemistry, computing and, of course, research. During my chemistry lab sessions in my first semester, I was amazed by the state-of-the-art facilities and machines we could use, such as the top-dollar nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy machine, which not many universities have.

What’s truly impressive is seeing NTU’s first-class learning facilities in the setting of a smart campus, which changes your experience of daily life. NTU has embraced technology campus-wide, especially with the introduction of experimental modes of transportation. And with the all-in-one NTU Smart Pass that allows me to pay for food and other purchases with a tap or a swipe, my wallet feels so much lighter now.

Even The Hive is in a class of its own. Each circular tutorial room has at least five monitor screens so everyone can see what’s going on, and HDMI cables on each table to make it easy to present at your desk without having to move to the front of the class. You can't help but learn to work fast and smart here!