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You app-solutely need this

Apps that NTU students can’t live without
by Chrystal Chan


Watch movies with friends
“Who doesn’t like watching movies? This app is a must-have for film buffs because it acts like a movie diary. On it, I can track all the movies I have watched and even rate and review them. It also lets me add my friends and I can read their reviews before deciding which movie to watch. I used it for my film module last semester and followed my class tutor on it.” – Lo Hoi Ying, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information


Earn while you stream
“I know some students earn extra cash through shift work or passing out flyers on the street, which takes up a lot of time and effort. With Loops, I can earn money by doing live streaming. The best thing about it is that I can live stream wherever I am, whether in school or at a nice café. I may not earn a lot from it, but it’s a fuss-free way to get an income, which is great for a busy university student like me.” – Melissa Lee, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

Planner Pro

Prioritise your tasks
“Juggling school, hall council meetings and events, as well as a part-time job, can be a very daunting task, especially in university. I’m glad to have found this app, which has been an absolute lifesaver in helping me organise and keep up to date with my various tasks. It also helps me manage my time better. I can rank all that I have to do in order of priority so I know which ones to tackle first.” – Saadiqa Akhtar, School of Social Sciences


Keep track of your run
“I use this fitness app whenever I go for a run. Aside from being able to track my running performance and compare my stats against my previous workouts, it also suggests popular running or cycling routes around the campus. I really love the app’s user-friendly interface. I can see all my data at a glance, rather than having to tap multiple times with other apps I’ve tried. This feature is extra useful when I’m in the middle of a strenuous run.” – Benedict Lui, Renaissance Engineering Programme


Sign documents virtually
“I have a part-time job that requires me to sign off on documents. This can be troublesome since I don’t always have access to a printer or scanner. With DocuSign, all I have to do is create my signature on the app, and save it there. The next time I need to sign a document, I upload that document to the app and it allows me to add my signature. It’s so simple and saves me so much time.” – Jarod Tan, Nanyang Business School


Digitise your work
“I handle publicity for my hall committee and regularly need to design graphics or posters for events. Other than scanning assignments that I need to email to professors, I also use this app to get digitised versions of my drawings or sketches. Best of all, my scanned art pieces look like they were drawn on the computer using fancy software. I’m so happy to have found this app.” – Chua Ming Rou, School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering


Earn by shopping
“Shopping while travelling takes on new meaning with this app that I can use to earn money when I’m abroad. People who want to buy something they can’t find in Singapore, like a pair of rare sneakers, can put out a request on the app. If it’s not too inconvenient, I can offer to purchase it for them. I make a profit in the price difference. I heard that Airfrov is founded by NTU students, so I’m keen to show my support!” – Toh Xiang Bei, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences


Schedule painlessly
“I’m involved in quite a few project groups, clubs and committees, so it’s sometimes tough to coordinate meetings with everyone. My friends and I use TimeTree, a scheduling and calendar app, to create group calendars and upload our timetables on it. There, everyone can see what free day we have in common, and ‘chope’ that day to meet. It saves going back and forth in group chats trying to find a day where everyone is free. I also have a separate calendar for my girlfriend, so we can keep each other updated on our plans for the week ahead. Makes planning our dates easier too!” – Douglas Teo, School of Biological Sciences


Read cool stuff on the go
“I’m a big fan of multidisciplinary education. It’s a nice way of saying I store tonnes of junk in my head. I like to read about a variety of topics and issues, and this is where Medium comes in handy. When I don’t have a book to read, I open Medium to read the latest pieces. I also browse the app for articles that pique my interest. I like that the articles are short and bite-sized, so I can explore many different topics. I’ve read everything from philosophy to AI to blockchain and biohacking on it.” – Edward Yee, Nanyang Business School


Curb distraction and grow trees
“I’m involved in the Residential Education programme as a mentor and I help maintain the edible gardens at the halls. I’ve always been interested in plants and conserving the planet, so this app really suits me. Not only does it stop me from getting distracted by other apps on my phone, it's also linked to Trees for the Future, a non-profit organisation that helps plant trees. The virtual coins earned on the app from not using my phone go towards planting a tree in real life. That’s a win-win situation for me!” – Pang Jia Hao, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences


Jazz up your Instagram feed
“I’m a photographer and keeping my Instagram feed updated is important, so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make my posts stand out. I came across this hip app recently. It animates my still images, adding a new dimension to my Instagram feed. For example, I animated a picture taken at the globe at Universal Studios Singapore, so it looks as if the mist around me is slowly moving while I’m standing still. All my friends liked that shot a lot.” – Kent Lee Joon, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Stick to your deadlines
“I have many tasks to complete every day, and Todoist helps me track all of them so I don’t miss one out. It’s even more useful when I have a mega project, as I can track all the tasks associated with it. The feature I like best is how the data can be synced across multiple devices including my laptop, so I can access my to-do list anywhere, anytime. I check my list almost every day and thanks to the helpful time- and location-based reminders, I can stick to my deadlines.” – Chng Soon Siang, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Pocket Expense

Record what you spend
“Pocket Expense helps me monitor my daily expenditure each month. At one glance, I can see how much I’ve spent, how much I’ve earned and also the balance left over. The user-friendly interface also clearly shows what percentage of my salary from part-time work goes to eating out, transport, entertainment, and so on. With it, I can plan each month’s expenses so I stay within budget.” – Gabriel Tan, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

Huan Ge

Sing anywhere
“I use this karaoke app to de-stress after a long day. It’s a virtual karaoke booth where you can pick popular hits to sing in the comfort of your own room. I like that it is free because going to karaoke places regularly can be quite expensive. If you are particularly proud of a song you’ve sung, you can share it on your personal page on the app. I’ve held mobile karaoke sessions with my friends while on a road trip!” – Kenny Lee, Nanyang Business School

Adobe Spark Post

Design inspirational greetings
“From time to time, I like creating inspirational messages for my friends to encourage them, especially during exam periods. With this app, I can choose from a range of templates and background photos to edit. The only difficult part is coming up with the motivational message! I like how the app helps me develop my creativity and artistic side.” – Joanna Ho, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering