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Best food on campus

Communication student Jayne Ong dishes on a few favourites at NTU

Red seafood tom yum soup ($6)

Thai Cuisine @ Pioneer Food Court

A long queue in Singapore often indicates that there is a good deal waiting at the end of the line, so don’t hesitate to join the snaking throng at Thai Cuisine for a satisfying bowl of red seafood tom yum soup.

As every dish at this stall is prepared on the spot, the soup is served piping hot with a strong aroma of lemongrass and chilli. The dish is as spicy as it looks and has a sweet aftertaste. If you can’t take food that is too spicy, you don’t have to give this a miss – just add to your order a 50-cent bowl of rice to balance out the spiciness. The soup is laden with seafood like prawns, squid and fish, so you get your money’s worth. This is definitely a go-to on rainy days when you want something to warm your belly.

Prawn paste chicken ($9.90)

Happy Food Chinese Cuisine @ North Hill Food Court

True to its name, Happy Food Chinese Cuisine at North Hill serves happiness on plates. I would rank its prawn paste chicken wings first on the list of best-tasting chicken wings on campus.

The eight pieces of chicken wings are freshly fried, resulting in golden brown crispy skin and tender meat. While the prawn paste taste is somewhat underwhelming, I love that the skin remains crispy even until the end of the meal.

Simply dip the meat into chilli sauce for added kick. This dish is best shared with friends and you can order it with other staples such as fried noodles and rice dishes. Campus residents and families have been spotted ordering these delectable morsels by the bucket-loads.

Fried beef kway teow ($5)

Mix Economic Rice @ Quad Café

Go to this stall at NTU’s halal food court for more than your usual cai fan dishes – be spoilt for choice as you browse the zi char menu near the counter. Among the goodies available is the fried beef kway teow.

The portion is plentiful for one and heaped with tender beef slices. Unlike the typical fried kway teow, this dish is neither too oily nor dry and clumpy. I was impressed by the chewy texture of the kway teow, which goes really well with the crunchy vegetables and appetising slices of beef. The kway teow is also well seasoned with a slight wok hei taste to it. Healthy greens like beansprouts and spring onions add a touch of sweetness, making every bite refreshing.

Tonkatsu special ramen ($6.80)

Japanese Cuisine @ Hall 13 Food Court

Craving Japanese food? Head over to Menya Takashi at Hall 13 for a quick fix. This award-winning stall sells a variety of Japanese delights at affordable prices, such as the popular Tonkatsu special ramen.

Compared to ramen sold outside of campus, the noodles are thicker and chewier, while the broth is lighter. This combination may be too bland for some, but it brings out the flavour of the pork slices, allowing you to taste and appreciate the main star of the dish. You’ll love the hefty chunks of meat, which are tender-crisp and easy to chew. The sweet barbecue tang, which carries a slight charred taste, is simply delightful. Thumbs up for a convenient and tasty Japanese fix on campus!

Golden Fish & Chips ($12.80 w/o GST)

Three Degree Café @ NTU Alumni House (one-north)

Nestled in NTU’s one-north campus, Three Degree Café opened its doors in late June. Its extensive menu packs in both Western and Asian cuisines, and is free of pork and lard.

The Golden Fish & Chips is a hearty meal that includes a side of salad. The two pieces of fish are thinly battered, allowing the texture of the flesh to shine through. However, with the fish on the dry side, I recommend dipping it into the tartar sauce before eating it. The tartar sauce was rather light when I tried it, and I could not get enough of its taste. Perhaps it’s the strong whiff of lemon that made it really refreshing and a perfect complement to the fish.

Although the salad occupies a small portion of the plate, it deserves a shout-out as well. Not only do you get a more balanced meal with it, the changing tastes that come with alternating bites of fish and greens make your meal more enjoyable.