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Poll position

Almost 17,000 NTU students shared their thoughts about their varsity life in the 2018 Student Experience Survey. We tally the scores, which show rising levels of satisfaction



satisfied with NTU programme


satisfied with NTU experience



recommend NTU to peers


feel proud to be an NTU student

What students say

“I like the wide variety of student activities and opportunities that cater to the different interests and hobbies of students.”   “There are many events and opportunities to explore new interests and meet new people.”   “I appreciate the support network we have in school and the vibrant school community that allows us to explore and hone our skills through activities we enjoy.”

Personal development


developed teamwork skills


satisfied with intellectual development
“There are ample opportunities for undergraduates to be mentored by faculty members in their early undergraduate years and to receive early exposure to the research culture.”   “What I like about NTU is the abundant opportunities for research available to undergraduates, which help to lay the foundation for postgraduate studies.”

Teaching and learning


satisfied with quality of teaching


get strong grounding in chosen major
“NTU is being transformed into an environmentally-friendly yet technologically advanced smart campus, with new modes of eco-friendly transportation being introduced, the wide use of solar panels, and green buildings like The Hive with its sophisticated design.”   “I like the infrastructure in NTU. There are gyms catering to not just hall residents but the general NTU population. I also like the greenery in NTU. I appreciate how the tutorial rooms are designed to look less like classrooms and more like thinking boxes.”   “Building more halls has increased convenience for students and helps us to integrate into a more vibrant campus life.”

Campus life and facilities


satisfied with campus life
“There is a wide variety of courses for us to explore our different interests beyond our academic majors.”   “Students are exposed to cross-disciplinary research and can learn beyond their majors.”

Interdisciplinary education


broaden knowledge beyond major
“The variety of halal food on campus is very much appreciated. I don’t need to travel far out of school for my meals.”   “NTU is doing well in arranging more convenient forms of transport for students who live further away, like in Tampines.”

NTU services


satisfied with career assistance