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I have a question about NTU...

If we could hear the thoughts of pre-university students who are considering NTU, what would they be? Find the answers to commonly asked questions here
by Derek Rodriguez

Illustrations and Video: Vivian Lim
“My friend went overseas twice as an NTU student. Can I do the same?”

Sure! Eight in 10 undergrads go overseas at least once in their time here, on exchange, internships, field trips and for many other reasons. Favourite destinations include London, Seoul and Silicon Valley.

“Where will medical students attend lessons?”

At both the main campus and the Novena campus in the first two years. The next three years are at hospitals and polyclinics. You could take an overseas elective too!

“If I don’t live on campus, what’s the best way to get to NTU?”

There’s a free shuttle to NTU from Pioneer MRT station every few minutes. You can also hop on shuttle buses from housing estates like Tampines, Sengkang and Ang Mo Kio that bring you directly to campus.

“Is it difficult to get a room on campus?”
“It would be perfect if we were roommates! Can we choose our roommate?”

All freshmen are guaranteed a room on campus in their first two years. And yes, you can apply for a room together.

“What’s special about the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP)? I heard it’s the number one engineering programme in Singapore.”

REP students spend a year abroad in a top university in the US, UK or Europe and graduate with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four and a half years.

“What scholarships can I apply for, and would I qualify for them?”

You can apply for university and college scholarships, school-based ones, as well as those from companies. An excellent co-curricular record and strong leadership qualities will strengthen your application.

Will it be easy for me to get around this large campus?”

There are lifts and ramps across the campus to make it easy for you to move around. NTU can help you to apply for a grant to buy assistive devices or services that aid your studies.

“Do I have to pay more for a double degree programme like the Business & Computer Engineering programme? What other double degree programmes are available?”

No, they don’t necessarily have higher fees. For example, the Business & Computer Engineering programme has a similar tuition fee as the Business programme. Check the NTU website for the fees.

“What kind of food is there in NTU?”

Everything under the sun! There are 14 canteens with more than 100 stalls, a quarter of which cater to Muslim students and visitors. There are also more than 30 cafes and eateries, plus 78 vending machines.

“There are several business programmes in Singapore. Why should I pick NTU’s?”

You’ll get to learn, live and play at the newest building on campus that opens in 2021. Your business degree with honours, which you’ll receive in just three years, will put you at the front of the queue when big name employers come calling.