The NTU HEY! AR guide

Open the app and scan items on the pages of the print magazine to watch videos seamlessly and bring 3D objects to life

Available on App Store & Google Play

Place 3D elements in your environment

A. Touch the object and drag it to move it around

B. Drag your finger near the object to swivel it

C. Using two fingers, pinch or spread them to grow or shrink the object

D. Tap here to reset the object’s position

E. Tap here to take a screenshot

F. Tap here to share a screenshot

Watch pictures come to life

See the page morph into a video

A. Tap here to pause or continue the video

B. Tap here to view videos in full screen. Once in full screen, you can pull the screen away from the page to watch it on the go

Have a 360ᵒ view of 3D objects

Put a new spin on objects that are anchored to pages

Hover your phone over the page to explore objects like the snowy Hive on the cover of Vol. 43

A. Move around the object or rotate the page to see the object from another angle

B. Move nearer to get a closer look and to find hidden objects

C. Take part in competitions and giveaways
Tap here to submit a contest entry

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